The Review-Winning Platform Sandal Zappos Can’t Keep In Stock This Summer

Whether you’re looking for flats you can wear with anything, comfortable travel shoes, or wedges that won’t kill your feet, if you have a foot concern, there’s a shoe out there for it. 

One Swedish-inspired style in particular by Dansko is catching the eye of Zappos shoppers this summer. The Season, a block-heeled platform sandal, has been reviewed more than 200 times on the fashion site, and still maintains top marks with a 5-star rating. 


Its review-winning design comes down to its two-way adjustability. Both the ankle and toe straps are adjustable, meaning each pair fits like it was custom made for your foot. The adjustable toe strap in particular makes it stand out among a sea of too-small, uncomfortable sandals for folks with wide feet, bunions and other foot concerns. 

In fact, they have such a following Zappos literally can’t keep them in stock this summer. They ring up under $120, but with reviews like this, it’s hard to complain:

“Super comfy and cute. I could wear these all day without back or foot pain.”

“This looked beautiful out of the box and when I tried it on it was so comfortable I didn’t want to take it off.”

“Love, love, love! Super comfy and I love the style. Clog/boho/70’s vibe to me. They are fully adjustable with velcro on the foot and ankle so you can adjust as needed.”

“This one is a winner!! I’ve been looking for a while and finally jumped on these sandals and they are perfect. The heel gives me just a little boost in height with a wide, stable base. The style looks adorable on – funky and feminine, cute with jeans, capris or skirts.”

“I LOVE THEM! They are super comfortable, cute and adjustable for width and ankle. That is very important to me since I have a wider foot and always have trouble finding cute sandals for summer that don’t pinch sides of my foot.” 

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